Sunday, January 10, 2016

Do you like to argue? I sure do.

Do you like to argue? I sure do. Has anyone thought the other side seems stupid? But not your side, right? We all seem more apt to express emotion in debate than truth. If so, what does the truth look like? Does your political party, religion, or favorite philosopher own the truth? What would it look like if no one had the truth? The prophets, kings, and heroes become children crying in the dark. The scary sounds become other children, that we can't see, crying. We would all sound stupid, in the dark, scaring each other. Begging for forgiveness and mercy while we beat the drums of war for the unseen evil ones. When will the adults show up? If we set our world on fire will the grownups get the message? Remember Lord of the Flies? Ralph with the conch and Jack with the sow’s head? Can any of us, with absolute assurance, say our side has the truth? Does every Ralph become someone else's Jack? Maybe we will all turn into the rescuing naval officer in time. Hell, even he didn't know the truth, but at least he saved Ralph from Jack.