Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hillary's Bestie

     The religious right and conservative talk radio have picked their horse, Ted Cruz. “He’s my guy. I like Ted Cruz a lot,” Glenn Beck gushed on Fox recently. Rush and Hannity jumped off the Trump train. Why? Because Trump dissed Cruz on a Sunday morning politics gab show. The mighty far right, falling all over themselves to kiss Cruz' pasty white butt. their boy. 
     But why the attack from Hillary like Trump has the kissable ass? Winding him up accomplishes what? Game theory has an easy answer. The internecine warring in the GOP makes for an entertaining Hillary Clinton campaign. Yee Haw! No hard questions from her. Trump, an agitation slot machine that pays off 100% of the time, fits the bill.
     No good reason exists for her lying. ISIS recruiters using videos of Trump's (arguably) fascist/racist hyperbole to get new human bombs? I mean... what? People can't face check that? Could they run out of pictures of dead burnt bodies? The bad side to walking that back a little? None that I see.

     "I meant ISIS recruiters COULD use..." Didn't hurt at all. Right?

     But no. Why? Trump on the rampage in the republican primary? Hillary's dream.

     But what good could this do America? The last thing Hillary wants to see? Thoughtful, moderate republicans applying conservative ideals to problem. God forbid they come up with a good idea! Reagan, Nixon, even Poppy Bush might have opened the door for the nuts, but they voted and led as centrists. Real intellectuals like Buckley, wouldn't piss on Cruz. 
     The truth sounds like a conspiracy theory. If no Donald Trump existed Hillary would create him.

     We hope for a return of manners and civility. Even some political correctness would help, if assholes like me can have a little wiggle room. I hope Hillary realizes she can win without all the game play and tricks. Just stay the alternative to whoever wins this GOP primary. You had us at "I'm not them."

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